New Extender Setup: Complete Guidance and Professional Assistance

new extender setup

New extender setup will remove the problem of a low-range of Wi-Fi network in different areas of your home and/or office. You just need to follow the right steps when setting up the device to extend the power of your router. However, like any other technical process, it is common to find problems while completing the new extender setup process. Hence, we provide you our comprehensive guidance and professional assistance whenever needed.

You can start by placing your new extender and the router in one single room. Keep them a little apart from each other and away from walls, windows, and other restricting objectives.

Access the setup page called for your new extender setup is the first step towards setting up your extender. It is a web address, which you can access via a web browser on your computer or laptop. To do this, you need to:

  1. Connect the extender to an optimal power source and switch it on.
  2. Access an updated browser on your PC or laptop and enter in the search bar.
  3. Find and select “New extender setup”.
  4. Complete the setup process as per the instructions you see on the screen, then, click the option “continue”. This will let you enter the setup page of setup.

If the web address doesn’t offer access, you can leverage its alternative for the same purpose. This default IP is also for the same setup screen and requires the same steps as accessing

In the situation of interruption during this process, you can ask our technicians for help right away!

Potential problems associated with new extender setup

There are several situations you might not want while setting up a new extender. However, these issues are possible:

  • The setting page of your extender doesn’t offer access.
  • The login page of re-appears again, even after entering the right user credentials.
  • Your device’s web browser interrupts the access
  • The settings of a new extender aren’t showing the desired 5GHz network.
  • The switched-on extender is unable to make a connection with the wireless network.

Along with that, the process of extender setup might get interrupted by any other issue as well. This is why you should keep our contact details handy and call whenever required.

Setup your new extender with

After accessing the setup page successfully, you will see a setup wizard appeared on the screen. Follow the instructions until you complete the setup process. While doing this, it is important to establish the connection between your router and the extender via the same wireless network. During the whole setup process, your laptop or PC should be connected to the same wireless network as well.

Get professional assistance for new extender setup!

You simply need to follow the manual instructions offered by the extender’s manufacturer to conveniently set it up. But, don’t feel alone in this whole process. Our technicians have the expertise in new extender setup. So, call for professional assistance!